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courtesy/copyright: http://www.pinkogirls.com/

Altri nomi usati: Tanita, Tanita Bruni
Capelli: mori
Etnicita’: cubana


(1999,Power Vision Intl/Team Entertainment) 69 min
Regia: Nicky Ranieri
Fotografia: Remo Crisanti
Cast: Karen Lancaume, Olivia Del Rio, Tanita=Maria Loren, Dolly Golden, Madalina Ray, Reinhard, Silvio Evangelista, Mauro Conti, Philippe Dean, Francesco Malcolm (non sex)
Nota: Maria Loren appare nella prima scena con Silvio Evangelista (anal, facial)
Recensione di Len801 postata su EGAFD il 18 gennaio 2010:
Scene 1: Abdul El Muriad (Sivlio Evangelista) seems to be some kind of sheik, whose reads a newspaper on a bed while a harem girl (Tanita=Maria Loren), is doing a sexy exotic dance. She soon joins him on the bed (she never removed her head gear, scarf or top) and the following sex acts are shown: bj, cunnilingus, vaginal sex in a number of positions, anal, facial
Scene 2: In voice-over, Abdul states that he has a number of emissaries around the world who are always on the lookout for attractive beautiful women to populate his harem. One of these is Filippo (Philippe Dean) who operates in France. Abdul recounts how some time back he had asked Filippo to penetrate inside the house of the wife of the Brazilian ambassador in France, to steal some compromising pictures showing the woman with her lover. The photos would be used to blackmail the woman and to force her to spend some time in his harem. But Filippo, instead of looking for the photos, unfortunately spent his time inside the house stealing other objects, until he is caught re-handed by the woman (Olivia Del Rio). He chases her into the bedroom and on a bed forces her into sex, and (in classic porn fashion) she puts up very little resistance. What follows is cunnilingus, bj, vaginal sex in a variety of positions, anal, he jerks off on her breasts. While the mission was sexually satisfying for Filippo, he did not retrieve the photos and Abdul was not able to get the women in his harem.
Scene 3: After that incident Filippo went to celebrate with some friends (Dolly Golden, Madalina Rey, Mauro Conti) in a giant bathtub. Dean is paired by Ray (anal, Dean jerks off on her hairy vagina), while Conti is paired with Golden (Golden jerks off Conti near the face, but no cum lands there)
Scene 4: Another Austrian operative is Reinhard, whose task was to “recruit” Alessia (Karen Lancaume), the wife of a high official in the Austrian police. But as was the case with Filippo, Reinhard has only sex on his mind, and screws Alessia over the hood and the side of a BMW (bj, various vaginal sex positions, he jerks himself off over her breasts).
Scene 5: Reinhard also failed Abdul in another mission, regarding Irina (Madalina Rey) who prior to moving in Paris lived in Vienna. Irina was married with an airline pilot for an Austrian airline. After Reinhard’’s failed attempt to recruit her, she went off to Paris and lived with Filippo. In this flashback Reinhard screws Irina on a couch (cunninlingus, bj, vaginal sex in a couple of positions, ana, she jerks him off over her face)
Scene 5: This brief scene shows Silvio (Silvio Evangeslista) in sheik’s costume hunched over a table with a bottle of “Jack Daniels” whiskey and glass, being awakened by his buddy (Francesco Malcolm, in a brief non sex cameo) telling him to move along as the director is about the shoot a scene. So as can be seen, Silvio is just an actor imagining/fantasizing all these previous sex encounters
Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image

(1999,ATV) 81 min
Regia: Andrea Lucci (end credit: Max Roll)
Cast: Sheila (aka Sheila Kiss) (Monica), Fabiana Venturi, Ellen, Pamela Larsen=Pamela Stealt, Maria Loren (Tania) (non-sex), Franco Trentalance (Franco), Alex Mantegna (Ettore), Andrea Nobili
Nota: "Meridian" e' listata nei credits e nella copertina del film, ma non appare nel film. Il nome di "Maria Loren" appare soltanto sulla copertina del DVD, ma non nel film stesso. Loren interpreta la parte (non sex) della fidanzata di Franco.
Recensione di Len801 postata nel forum di EGAFD (26 gennaio 2009): Franco Trentalance is a security guard for a shopping center. He seems to be having some type of nightmares in which a dark and short haired woman (Sheila) teases him. One day he sees her shoplifting and arrests her and her female accomplice (Fabiana Ventura). He takes them back to his office and in exchange for not pressing charges he screws them both. Trentalance consults his shrink (Alex Mantegna), but he also wants a piece of the action and gets to screw Sheila in his office. Trentalance has a chat with his girlfriend (Maria Loren), and the latter tells him about his brother (Andrea Nobili) and a blonde woman (Ellen=Barbara Neri). Franco then tells her about his relationship with a blonde (Pamela Stealt). All these stories have made Loren very randy and she tells Franco to screw her there and then and film comes to a stop (there is no sex scene involving Loren).
[screencaps by Len]
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image

(USA: GAMBLERS) distrib. da In-X-Cess
(2000,Pink'o) 82 min
(prodotto: ottobre 2000)
Regia: Rudy Lucky
Fotografia: Hiroshy Kato, Matthew Tatoo
Montaggio: Frank Pharro
Musica: Frank Steven
Cast: Maria Loren, Ilona Sezzi, Linda Marrero=Fanny Bravo (con capelli biondi), Sabina Rush=Angela Crystal, Paula Poli=Sandra Russo, Lucy Chavez, Sexy Luna (non-sex), Remigio Zampa, Fausto Moreno, Pablo Cordero=Benito Boldi (non-sex), Andrea Nobili, Andrea Monti, Diego Ray
Nota: Maria Loren appare nella 3a scena (lesbo) con Ilona Sezzi, e poi nell'ultima scena con Remigio Zampa e Andrea Nobili (anal/sborrata sul viso dai due maschi)
[screencaps by Len]
Image ImageImage ImageImage Image
Image ImageImage ImageImage Image
Image ImageImage ImageImage Image
http://hotmovies.com/video/4450/Gambler ... 2Chm_rs%2C
Image Image

(Francia: LA POUPà‰E QUI DIT OUI) distrib. da Colmax
(2001,Pink'o) 125 min
Regia: Marcus Dolby
Fotografia: Frank Pharro
Cast: Maria Loren, Linda Marrero=Fanny Bravo, Carolotta Da Silva (aka Paola Valle), Eva Falk, Lolly Petite, Eva Angel, Roberto Malone, Remigio Zampa, Andrea Nobili, Max Cortez, Andrea Monti, Philippe Dean, Pablo Cordero
http://www.digitalvideoitalia.it/catalo ... 746915b0da
http://www.clubdux.com/la-poupee-qui-di ... /11/1.html

Regia: Mauro Conti
Cast: Karen Lancaume, Tanita=Maria Loren, Mia Soller=Carmen Moore, Ela Wallach=Eva Hot, Francesco Malcolm, Philippe Dean, Zenza Raggi, Reinhard

(USA: ESCAPE FROM ALBANIA) distrib da Brave Intl., In-X-Cess
(Francia: MONICA) distrib da Colmax
(Germania: GESTRANDETE SEELEN) distrib Goldlight
(1998) 80 min
Regia: Mario Salieri
Cast: Karen Lancaume, Monica Roccaforte, Coralie Tanita, Fovea, Geraldine Scott, Eva Falk, Chipy Marlow, Ela Wallach, Marina Hardiman, Mia Soller, Dana Wuber, Mary Sander, Helen Mastovic, Philippe Dean, Valentino, Francesco Malcolm, Reinhard, Zenza Raggi, Walter Midolo
http://www.dvdland.it/nicom1/nicom1;jse ... 3AD2.node4
http://www.passionshop.com/Escape-From- ... 16244.html

(Francia: LA VEUVE SANS PUDEUR) distrib da VMD
(2000,Stars Pictures) 108 min
Regia: Axel De Sisti, Ricky Grimaldi
Cast: Renata Rey, Laura Angel, Tanita Bruni=Maria Loren, Lady Rox, Julia Dal Fuoco, Chipy Marlow, Andrea Nobili, Miro Da Nola
http://www.unilibro.it/find_buy/Scheda/ ... ziana_.htm
Image Image

(Francia: AU BON ACCUEIL) distribuito da Colmax
(USA: THE INN'S GIRLS) distribuito da In-X-Cess
(2001,Pink'o) 102 min
(prodotto: dicembre 2001)
Regia: Marcus Dolby
Fotografia: Frank Pharro=Francesco Fanelli
Cast: Maria Loren (sulla copertina), Antonella Del Lago, Sandra Russo, Stephany Webb, Sandra Key, Daniela=Daniella Schiffer, Sabina Black, Julia=Julia Crow, Sandy Style, Remigio Zampa, Franco Trentalance, Denis Marti, Francesco Malcolm, Luca Bazooka, Gabriel Montoia, Henry Sequoia, Carlos Manzon, Silvio Evangelista? (non sex, il cuoco?)
http://www.baciamishop.net/item_bra/249 ... Locandiera
http://hotmovies.com/video/8606/The-Inn ... 2Chm_rs%2C
http://www.excaliburfilms.com/adultdvd/ ... ls_dvd.htm
Image Image

Regia: Antonella Del Lago
Cast: Antonella Del Lago, Julia Dal Fuoco, Tanita=Maria Loren, Jazmine, Valentina, Nacho Vidal, Denis=Denis Marti, Sebastian Barrio

(USA): THE SICILIAN) distrib. da In-X-Cess, FantaDream
(1999,Pink'o) 90 min
Regia: Rudy Lucky
Cast: Maria Loren, Eva Falk, Betty, Lucy Van Dam, Monica Tore=Monica Sweetheart, Franco Trentalance, Roberto Malone, Philippe Dean, Alex Mantegna, Miro=Miro Da Nola
(scena lesbo: Maria Loren, Lucy Van Dam):
http://www.baciamishop.net/item_att/177 ... -Siciliana
http://www.adultdvdempire.com/itempage. ... &subview=0
Image Image
http://hotmovies.com/video/11249/The-Si ... 2Chm_rs%2C
http://www.excaliburfilms.com/adultdvd/ ... he_dvd.htm
Image Image

(Francia: VOYEUR)
(Francia: VOYEURS ET COMPLICES) distrib da Colmax
(199x,Set Media/Showtime) 83 min
Regia: Marco Trevi
Cast: Laura Angel, Renata Rey, Tanita=Maria Loren, Donatella Mendez=Chaina Belhaoauri, Bruno Sx, Roberto Ribot, Andrea Monti, Max Cortes
http://www.absolutevm18.com/ita/detail. ... SsO42EF3A0
Image Image

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